Managed Services

24-7 Help Desk

  • We can remote into your employees computer, tablet or mobile device and resolve the problem around the clock. Problems we solve daily; Wi-Fi connectivity, printer, browser issues, business application, etc.

  • Security

  • Security is our main concern for all of our clients networks and computers. Our staff do everything humanly possible to ensure your computer, mobile device and tablets are secure and that best business practices are being implemented.

  • Computer Optimization

  • We will increase the speed of your computer with optimization to get the highest productivity while reducing your energy costs. Here are some of the tasks our techs will do while you are in a meeting or after hours; Disk Defrag, updates/patches, etc.

  • Virtual Desktops

  • If you want to keep hardware costs down, you might as well go all the way. Virtual desktops are an excellent way to increase connectivity and security as well as reduce hardware and software costs. Forget about hard drives or firmware updates, virtual desktops just need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, network connection and a team to support it.

  • Installation and Setup (on-board & off-boarding )

  • If your firm lacks the expertise to on and off-board an employee, our team is available to come on-site and manage the entire process. Majority of the on and off-boarding process can be done remotely, but if systems need to be setup on-site, we can schedule a technical admin.

  • Consulting

  • We can help you plan, design and implement the right technology for your office environment. We can help standardize your computer environment and select the right software or cloud service for you team.

  • Canada Based Team

  • Single Point of Contact’s main objective is to offer excellent customer service and technical support. The main reason we have focused on building a team in the United States. Our staff is available 24-7 to resolve all computer and network issues.

Server Support

  • Your time is critical. You have more important issues to deal with than your servers and your network. It is, however, important your servers are managed, monitored, optimized and secure. Our fully managed services program is the ideal solution for small to large businesses. We know that your organization demands the utmost in network reliability and quality of service.

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Our team works 24-7 to deliver a pro-active solution for your server environment. Virtual servers, Linux, Windows, or servers in the cloud are managed at a fixed cost and include unlimited support. Flexible, Predictable and Scalable, the ideal fit for small and mid-size firms.

  • Backup Management

  • A dedicated team keeps your IT environment protected, secure and available 24-7. We implement best business practices so your data is backed up and ready to be restored in the event of a disaster. Is your firm prepared?

  • Optimization

  • Our team of professionals work around the clock to keep your server infrastructure optimized so you can stay focused on business initiatives. Mission critical issues are identified, reported, and resolved 24-7.

  • Security Management

  • A dedicated team keeps your IT environment secure and compliant 24-7. While we understand there are many layers in security, we will also work with you to ensure you completely understand the advantages of the product or service you are considering for your server environment.

  • 24-7 Monitoring

  • Our enterprise level tools ensure all servers that your company relies on are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally.

  • Reporting

  • Do you know if your vendors are meeting their SLAs? Are you measuring the performance of your network infrastructure? Does management need data to justify upgrades? You can have this data each month when you meet with your account manager.

  • Flexible Network Support Packages

Network Support

  • Our Certified Network Professionals can manage, monitor and support your network at a fixed cost. We build, manage and support many different types of networks to suit your business needs and allow you to stay focused on your business goals.

  • Pro-Active Approach

  • Our network professionals have been managing and monitoring our clients networks since 1999. Our team of certified network professionals will help you understand what is involved in your system and assess if your current technology is effectively meeting your needs or not. Our clients are assigned a team of experts to get pro-active management capabilities and highly responsive support 24-7.

  • 24-7 Network Support and Management at a FIXED COST!

  • We manage and support your entire network and all of your devices for one low monthly fixed price. Our US based tech support team is available around the clock to resolve your network issues quickly.

  • Optimization

  • Our team of network professionals work around the clock to keep your network infrastructure optimized so you can stay focused on business initiatives. Mission critical issues are identified, reported, and resolved 24-7.

  • We Guarantee 99.9% Network Uptime

  • Our senior level network administrators are prepared to remotely manage and monitor your network on-site or hosted in a remote location. We guarantee to respond to alerts and notifications within minutes so your business has minimal disruption.


  • Our clients rely on us to provide a complete managed package for their virtual environment. We handle security updates, monitor logs for issues, and automatically reboot and restart downed services. Rest easy knowing a team of experts is watching over your site 24-7 and our SLA’s obligate our administrators to start resolving issues within minutes.

  • Hyper-V

  • Our team works 24-7 to deliver a pro-active solution for your Hyper-V environment. Our fully managed solution includes a preventative maintenance plan with guaranteed response levels to minimize disruptions to your network.

  • VMware

  • Our VMware experts work around the clock to maintain your VMware environment. The fully managed plan includes a complete solution to ensure your VMware environment operates 99.9% of the time.

  • Virtual Servers Consulting

  • We take extra time in getting the big picture, because as technology architects, we understand that every clients network landscapes are not the same. Before coming up with a strategy and a plan for your network, our team believes in getting a clear picture of how it will fit into your staff’s daily operations, including any budget constraints. Our virtual server professionals specialize in planning, developing and building virtual environments on premise or in the cloud.